Wednesday 9 December 2015

Review of Pixie on Storenvy - Amuse Plush

Hello there cuties! Today I want to review a recent order I placed from a store called Pixie which is based on Storenvy. For those who haven't seen or heard of it before, Pixie is a store based in Korea which sells all the newest kinds of AMUSE plushies, from Alpacassos to Loppys and Korohamu koron hamsters. There is also a physical shop also based in Korea ^^ All of the plushies Pixie sells are authentic and really reasonably priced, and the shipping prices are reasonable to. The store often has a promotion where you can get a specific plushie free with your order, so it is worth looking them up on Facebook so that you can benefit from these sorts of offers!

This was my first time ordering from Pixie, and I decided to order from them first and foremost because they had the Halloween Korohamu koron hamster plushies in the big size in stock, for a really good price (I think it was about $22). I wanted to get a big koron plush for a long time, but spent weeks and weeks agonizing over which colour or style I should choose. I love Halloween and I also love the colour lilac, so when I saw the white colourway for this collection, I knew it was the perfect plush for me!

(I chose the one on the left! I love how it looks like it's reaching out to hug you (*´∀`)

While I was looking around Pixie's shop, I also noticed a range of small Koron light-up figures, and I picked up one of these as well! I chose the blue one, whose nickname is 'Ice-kun'. He reminds me of the Japanese flavour 'soda' which is so tasty and addictive!!

Koron have the most endearing little faces (▼∀▼)AMUSE certainly know how to target their customers huehue~

In terms of shipping, I chose the standard economy shipping for international customers which Pixie offers - I believe that the price is calculated depending on what 'Zone' you are in with relation to Korea, in the same way that Japan Post calculates international costs by Zone. On Pixie's store, it states that international shipping is expected to take 3-4 weeks to anywhere other than the USA, which is expected to be closer to a week.

My order was shipped out super speedily from Pixie's shop, within 2 days of placing my order the purchase had been updated and I was given a tracking number to watch my hamsters make their journey across the world! My package took approximately two days to leave the international mail centre in Korea for the UK. The tracking then went quiet for about a week and displayed 'no information', which I was a bit concerned about incase my package had been seized by customs somewhere along the way. Luckily 8 days after it left Korea, the package tracking showed it had arrived safely in the UK. It was delivered to my house the following day, which was a nice surprise! I had expected the whole process to take up to 4 weeks, but it took less than 2 weeks to receive my items, which I am very happy about! I think that the economy mail option involves sea travel at some point, which is why it can take a long time to reach its destination from Korea, but in this instance I was very lucky ~

My order was packaged in a secure cardboard box and sealed with strong postage tape, which I was relieved about as it meant my items were kept nicely protected on their long trip. There was also Pixie's special wrapping tape across the front of the package, which was a cute touch! By the time it reached me the box was slightly battered, probably due to being thrown in a van at Heathrow airport, but was still very secure.

When I opened up the box, my purchases were nicely wrapped in plastic bagging to keep them clean on their trip ~

Whoever could this be?

She is so cute and fluffy! I love how she looks like she is constantly wanting a hug XD

The little pastel bow and blush on the cheeks add such an adorable touch ~

Such a teeeeeny tail! (I feel a bit odd taking photos of its butt O.O

Even the label is shaped like a little round hamster! I like to keep the tags attached to my plush because the art is always super cute ~

Ice-kun was even cuter in real life than in the pictures!

Hamster party time!!


I'm so happy with both of my purchases - they are both really lovely quality and arrived safely and quickly! Overall, I had a very positive experience with Pixie store, the only thing I would want to see improved is reinforcing the packaging slightly more for long journeys! ^^ I would totally recommend buying from Pixie as the service is very good and prices are very reasonable.

Shipping: 5/5

Packaging: 4.5/5

Product Quality: 5/5

I hope you all enjoyed this little review of Pixie! If you have any questions about it, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Love, Mypasteluniverse x

Sunday 8 November 2015

Trip to Sanrio Puroland

Hello cuties! Today I'm doing a report on my visit to Sanrio Puroland during my trip to Japan this summer ^^ It was the second time I visited the theme park, and I enjoyed it just as much on the second visit, since they had added some new attractions and there were some special events happening for My Melody and the Little Twin Star's 40th anniversaries!
My friend went to see an anime show in Ikebukuro on that day, so I ended up going along on my own, which I was a little nervous about but it was actually a lot of fun! Sanrio Puroland is located close to Tama New Town, which is a suburban commuter town next to Tokyo, so it takes about an hour to reach from Shinjuku. I set out early in the morning and stopped for breakfast along the way, reaching the local train station in Tama hills at about 10am.
When you come out of the station, there are maps of the Tama area featuring Hello Kitty and her friends along the pathway to the park!

The park is about a ten minute walk from the station, and you can spot Puroland from quite a distance away! The path is lined with fast-food restaurants, amusement arcades and some discount stores like Daiso.
The park looks really big from the outside, but once you get in it is very cosy!

The entire park is indoors which is perfect for visiting in bad weather! Once you pass the ticket booths at the entrance, you come into this cute entrance hall, which is decorated with an adorable mural of lots of the Sanrio characters! There are some gift shops on this floor, as well as a staircase leading towards the main part of the park on the upper floors.

On the upper floor there was a special display featuring My Melody's bedroom with lots of adorable pink merchandise! I'm not sure if it is a permanent attraction or a part of My Melody's 40th anniversary celebrations, but it was very popular and full of people. I was lucky to get a few photos without anyone getting in the way XD

There was also a special My Melody shop next to her bedroom to celebrate her anniversary! It was full of lots of floral-themed goods like handbags and mugs, and there were even some Liz Lisa x My Melody collaboration clothes to look at as well. I chose the anniversary cake mug as a souvenir because the design was so girly and cute! You can see it in my haul post if you would like ~

As I was walking around, I bumped into My Melody herself, and of course I just had to take a picture with her! Last time I went I met Hello Kitty, so I was really happy to meet Melody as well. The lady who took the pictures was really friendly and took about 20 photographs so I could choose my favourite! ^^

Next I was feeling a bit peckish, so I visited the My Melody dream cafe that had opened up near her anniversary shop. All of the snacks were Melody or Kiki & Lala themed and were super colourful and yummy-looking! It took me a long time to decide what to pick...

In the end I chose the magical soda float drink and a My Melody mochi cake! They were both so adorable that I didn't want to eat them, but I gave in and they were delicious! The soda had lots of little crunchy stars in it as well as an adorable cup design, and the mochi was really light ~

Even the tables and the entrance to the cafe area were decorated with My Melody ~

Next I decided to try out the new My Meroad Drive ride as it was newly built since I last visited the park! The cars are shaped like My Melody heads and the whole decor is cute and pink. The ride is a gentle car trip through little themed areas and you stop to pose for a picture in each part! At the end, you get to chose your pictures, decorate them and then print them as a souvenir if you want to.

The inside of the ride was full of My Melody and her friends, and posing with them was super fun! I didn't keep the photos of me, as I felt a little awkward being by myself ~

I headed to the nearby Character Hill attraction after the ride, which was also new to the park since my previous visit. It is another photo-based attraction, where you get a special photo card and can stop to take photographs with the characters at different points throughout. Each character had their own cute little area, which was a lot of fun to see!

I particularly liked Pom Pom Purin's area, with all the cute kitchenware and furniture!

I also just had to stop and take a selfie with Cinnamoroll and his friends - they are just so endearing!

Since it was a special anniversary event at Puroland, there was a special show called 'Omoyari to you' featuring lots of the Sanrio characters in a light and dance show! Sadly it was very crowded and dark inside, so I couldn't take many pictures, but I loved the projections of the characters which were lit up on the ceiling. There was also lots of singing, all in Japanese of course!

After the show, I felt like I had seen everything new at the park, so I headed to the Jewelpets gift shop to pick up a few last souvenirs before I headed to Harajuku for the afternoon!

Jewelpet Twinkle is one of my favourite animes, so I was really excited to see all of the characters featured around the store! I was a little dissappointed to not see very much Jewekpet merchandise in the shop though, as it was mainly Hello Kitty and My Melody items. All the same, it was worth a visit just for the decoration ~

I loved this cute little statue which greeted you as you walked in!

As I was leaving, I spotted the Little Twin Stars room attraction, which was sadly closed on that day (I am really jealous of everyone who has seen it, hopefully ill be lucky next time! :'( ). The outside was decorated in a lovely style and reminded me so much of the Fairy Kei fashion.

As I walked back towards the train station it began to pour down with rain (typical Tokyo weather in the summer!!) so I sheltered in a nearby Taito Station game arcade. I spotted these UFO catchers with adorable Loppy and Fenneki plushies and waited out the rain playing for the small loppy plush. I managed to snag three different ones with only a few tries, so I felt like a UFO master and tried for a big loppy...which I failed...T_T (ego crushed).

All in all I had a lovely time visiting Puroland again - there was lots of new things for me to see and I didn't mind spending the day on my own at all! If you are visiting Tokyo, I would definitely recommend a visit, as the atmosphere is so cute and friendly and you can spot lots of the characters walking around the park for pictures. The food is also adorable, although a bit pricey, but fairly reasonable for a theme park. I hope this post was interesting for everybody! If anyone has any questions about the park, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment and I will try to help! ^^ ~

Until next time! Love, MyPastelUniverse x