Friday, 21 August 2015

Kigu Kawaii Review

Hello lovelies! Today I'll be reviewing a skirt and shirt I was sent by Kigu Kawaii. They are a store which specialises in Kigurumi, or Japanese onesies / animal and character pyjamas! They also sell some cute clothing and characters goods ~

The store contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I would be happy to review one of their products for them - I hadn't heard of the shop previously, so I was interested to see what the experience would be like.


The items were shipped out to me by Hong Kong post, and arrived in the UK incredibly quickly, within 4 days. The package didn't get held up in customs at all, which was a relief! The items were securely packaged in a large mailing bag and were carefully wrapped in plastic to avoid damage during transit. The company had included a little note in the package, which was a nice touch ~

The Items: 4/5

Here is the stock photo for the items I was sent (when I initially saw them online I thought that it was a one-piece dress, but the idea of having two separate pieces is nice since you can mix and match with other items of clothing ^^

In terms of quality, I was happy overall! The skirt has an elastic acted waist which means it fits a range of different sizes, and the top was very roomy and comfy which is nice for the hotter months of the year. The cherry embroidery is very cute and I like that they are embroidered patches and not just printed onto the fabric. The sewing on the hem is neat and seems secure, and the fabric is comfortable to wear. The only issue I found was that the glue used on the cherries was slightly visible in some places if you look up close. However this is not noticeable at first sight ^^

Worn pictures;

I really like the cherry design, as it reminds me of the cherry trend last summer in Harajuku, and it's perfect to wear with cherry accessories like my Paris Kids hair clips!

In the stock photo the girl wears the shirt tucked into the skirt, but I actually prefer wearing it this way; I think it looks more comfy and casual! Especially with some comfy sneakers ^^ you could also dress it up with a hair bow and some cute wedge sandals ~

Shoes - Miauler Mew, Wig - CutesyKink

All in all, I had a very good experience with Kigu Kawaii; they sent the items out quickly, they arrived very quickly and safely and the item quality is good, though a couple of minor things could be improved! I would give them 4.5/5 overall! \(^^)/

You can find their website here ;

Thank you for reading; I hope that you all found this review useful and that you are all having a wonderful day!

Love, Mypasteluniverse x


  1. Ahhh super cute! I love Kigu Kawaii! I had my eye on some of their kigus for a while X3
    That coord looks super adorable on you! And I don't know why but you look like Cardcaptor Sakura in these photos! <3

  2. Was super kawaii!! ^-^ I love it!